Roots in England

Thanks to the digitalization of ancient documents of various sources, including some of the United Kingdom National Archives, it has been possible to trace different individuals baring our name during the Middle Age. Here are a few texts published about them in Le Monde Berrubey.

Pagen de Beruby in 1086


John de Beruby 1320

Hugh_Beruby in_1337



The Berubes who left traces were not all rectors, attorneys or notaries.


The name Berube appeared in registers for baptisms and marriages in Yorkshire-West (England) as soon as the 1540’s.

Berubes from around Leeds

If you still have doubts about the long journey of our Berube ancestors in England, before their coming to Normandy, you must read what follows about the rarity of our name in France.


To learn more, there is a document describing more thoroughly our findings about our ancient stay in England.


May 2018