Membership Advantages

Members are invited to participate in all activities of the Association with their immediate family.

The members receive, absolutely free, the publication Le Monde Berrubey four times a year or more frequently if decided by the Board. They also enjoy discounts during special activities.

Membership Categories

There are not only active members, but also emeritus, benefactor and governor members. These last three categories are awarded to members by the Board of administrators in recognition of their work, their dedication and overall contributions to the Association…

According to article 3.6 of the Association’s regulations, a member that has been active for two years can choose to become a member for five years. The article 3.7 about the status of member for life has been abrogated by the general Assembly held on September 9, 2017.

Member Responsabilities

Anyone who is of good moral standing can become a member of the Association upon payment of membership dues and acceptance by the Board.

Each member must observe the rules and regulations of the Association. He must honour the emblem and motto: With Faith, Courage ans Wisdom.

The dues for all categories of membership must be paid before the end of February. A membership card is then issued.

Updated on May 14, 2018