Welcom, Velkommen 2023

If we were still speaking the male-line language of our Frankish or North Germanic ancestors, our New Year’s greeting would begin as here with words that correspond to Dutch, Danish or Norwegian. Naturally, the English-speaking welcome sounds more like the Dutch word than the one we use in French.

To find out more about the journey of our ancestors or the history of our surname, it is worth reading or re-reading the booklet that we produced in 2021 under the title The Berubes’ Saga over 900 years. It also describes discoveries made from the DNA of the Bérubé. Certain particularities of our Y-DNA offer us a key to retracing the distant past of our ancestors, which becomes more and more precise over the years. We continue to be interested in genetic genealogy and we analyze our findings in Le Monde Berrubey.

The 350th anniversary of the seigneury of La Bouteillerie in Rivière-Ouelle was celebrated on July 28, 2022. Our annual meeting took place the next day, July 29, in La Pocatière. We will inform you during the year of the dates and places of our next activities.

If you wish to follow and support our association, you will find on this site a membership form that some prefer to consider rather as their subscription to the magazine Le Monde Berrubey, published four times a year. According to several testimonials received, this one is worth it on its own.

Michel Bérubé, #0338, President

P.S. The volume The Berube’s Saga… has been updated (01-24-2023). The changes are in color.

Updated January 24, 2023

See the testomony presented by our president at the Musée de la mémoire vivante, on September 22th, 2020.